Dev Resources

You'll find a list of technical resources & docs about working with Nouns as well as a link to our Github repos. If there's a question you have feel free to click the button and submit via Github Discussions.

  • Nouns Protocol

    Suite of smart contracts that generates and auctions a Noun every day. The protocol serves as an open standard for generative art - Nouns.

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  • Github Org

    Official GitHub of the Nouns Foundation.

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  • Nouns Frontend Stream

    Going over the Nouns Frontend and deploying to IPFS.

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  • Smart Contract Architecture

    NounsToken, NounsSeeder, NounsDescriptor, NounsAuctionHouse, NounsDAOExecutor, NounsDAOProxy, and NounsDAOLogicV1.

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  • Noun Pics

    Get a Noun image by ID or a tile of the Nouns owned by an Address or ENS Name, including delegation.

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  • Noun API

    A free service that enables builders to integrate Nouns into their projects with only a url.

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  • Subgraph

    Subgraph for Nouns proposals & auctions.

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  • Generate on-chain Noun

    Explore how to generate a pseudo-random noun, fully on-chain, with just two contract calls.

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  • The Noun Crystal Ball

    What a Noun looks like is based on its Noun ID and the block before the auction was settled so we can predict what the next Noun will look like.

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  • Dev FAQ

    Ask technical questions you're wondering about, share ideas, or engage with other community members.

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