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Beats DAO

[Idea #18] Submitted by: 0xc3F2ā€¦1972


A Nouns Builder idea:

Beats DAO

šŸŽ§ Nouns-like art centered around noggles and headphones

šŸŽ§ Auctions proceeds sent to treasury just like Nouns

šŸŽ§ Instead of holder proposals, Beats DAO uses Prop House to invite the hip hop community to seek sponsorship (similar to the Gnars sponsorship model)

šŸŽ§ As it scales, Beats DAO eventually hosts a live show adjacent to an nft convention that features sponsored hip hop artists

šŸŽ§ The Beats holders would probably be a cool bunch of people

šŸŽ§ Utilizing Prop House infrastructure would be (a) great exposure for the hip hop artists, (b) be a potential onboard for those artists into crypto, and (c) be a good tool to selecting promising hip hop artists

šŸŽ§ The Beats DAO concert would be a lot of fun and could become a regular thing


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